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My Biography?

I am a boy from April. From my childhood I was looking for something that could surprise me. I wanted my own world. I bought my first compact camera on July 2, 2012, and I also taked the first photo on the same day. It’s not too long before I found my own world completely accidentally in photography, so I did not give it up. Days passed, photos were recorded. My interest in taking photos was increasing day by day. A world made by myself with colors from my own imagination. Do you understand what I’m saying? ..that’s good !!!
Exactly three years later, taking a lot of photos caused me trouble. My camera sensor was damaged. But this did not stop me from shoting, it was a good opportunity to upgrade the camera. I bought my professional camera. My world grew bigger. I received a lot of photographic requests.

In one day, I accidentally accepted a promotional teaser project from a pharmaceutical company. I did not know anything about the movie. Even a small cut. It has a long story. But I eventually did it better than my own imagination and everyone else. Yeah, I succeeded. I received a job offer. I made a lot of short films. For another company I created an advertising teaser to broadcast on television. It was a great success for me.

It’s been a while now. I’m still taking pictures. I am 19 years old and I am born in Tehran capital of Iran and I love my work.

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